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Picturing Sound, Creating Mood

Mar 23, 2015 – Nov 22, 2015

Twelve paintings from the 18th and 19th centuries reveal the multisensory worlds depicted in Indian paintings. Looking closely, you’ll notice elements of sound hidden in the details: a cocked hunting rifle, dangling jewelry, falling rain or a bird in flight. These create a mood that draws the sensitive viewer (rasika) into the artwork emotionally, allowing you to feel its essence (rasa).

Raja Sanai Hari Singh Hunting

Enter this painting of Raja Sanai Hari Singh hunting from India (Rajasthan state), and embark on a journey with Qamar Adamjee, Associate Curator of South Asian and Islamic Art at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco.

Audio Portrait of a Seated Yogini

Thom Blum is a Bay Area electroacoustic and acousmatic musician who, after visiting the exhibition, “Picturing Sound: Creating Mood” at the Asian Art Museum, was inspired to create a response to this painting of a seated yogini.

Organizers & Sponsors

Picturing Sound, Creating Mood was organized by the Asian Art Museum.