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View from the street of Chanel Miller
Exhibition On View
Chanel Miller: I was, I am, I will be

The inaugural work in the Wilbur Gallery introduces artist Chanel Miller, who represents healing as a three-part process: reflecting on the past, being mindful in the present, and envisioning the future.

Now Viewable from Hyde Street

Awaken: A Tibetan Buddhist Journey Toward Enlightenment
Now On View

Meditate on more than 100 vibrant Himalayan Buddhist paintings, sculptures, and textiles designed to bring about enlightenment, or awakening. The exhibition gently guides you from the turmoil of daily life to a peaceful state of self-knowledge.

Jenifer K Wofford: Pattern Recognition
Now on View

A mural inspired by traditional Asian decorative motifs and the bold, colorful graphics of the 1980s, Pattern Recognition celebrates Asian American artists and immigrant communities.

East West Bank Art Terrace
Open Air, Open Mind

The East West Bank Art Terrace will be open for visitors in 2021. Until then, you can view Don't Mess With Me from the corner of McAllister and Hyde Streets, outside the museum.

Lost at Sea: Art Recovered from Shipwrecks
Now On View

Lost at Sea: Art Recovered from Shipwrecks traces the pathways of 12th-century stone reliefs and 15th-century ceramics, from Vietnam to the ocean floor to San Francisco.

Jean Shin | Pause
Now On View
Using discarded cell phones and computer cables as the material and rough-hewn rocks from Chinese art as the form, Jean Shin’s site-specific installation asks how technological innovation contributes to climate change.
Zheng Chongbin: I Look for the Sky
Coming Soon

Bay Area artist Zheng Chongbin’s site-specific installations use transparency and light to explore how ephemeral changes can alter our perception of place.

After Hope: Videos of Resistance
Coming Soon

How does hope drive us to imagine new worlds? An eclectic selection of more than 50 short videos explores the role of hope in contemporary art and activism.



Liu Jianhua: Collected Letters
Now On View
Porcelain letters and fragments of Chinese characters, suspended in midair, mingle in a silent symphony of symbols, open to interpretation and new readings.
teamLab: Sketch Aquarium
Temporarily Closed

Your drawing comes to life in Sketch Aquarium, an interactive digital experience by ultratechnologist art collective teamLab.

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