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A swirled painting on a gold background.
Exhibition On View
Awaken: A Tibetan Buddhist Journey Toward Enlightenment

Embark on a Journey That Will Change You Forever

May 10
Three rock-like sculptures covered in old cell phones surrounded by a sea of cables and rocks made out of brightly colored ethernet cords.
Exhibition On View
Jean Shin | Pause
Using discarded cell phones and computer cables as the material and rough-hewn rocks from Chinese art as the form, Jean Shin’s site-specific installation asks how technological innovation contributes to climate change.
May 24
Exhibition On View
Chang Dai-chien: Painting from Heart to Hand

Experience groundbreaking ink paintings by Chang Dai-chien, a renowned 20th-century Chinese artist influenced by the natural and social landscapes of 1970s California. 


April 26
Exhibition On View
Lost at Sea: Art Recovered from Shipwrecks
Through Aug 3

Lost at Sea: Art Recovered from Shipwrecks traces the pathways of 12th-century stone reliefs and 15th-century ceramics, from Vietnam to the ocean floor to San Francisco.

Exhibition On View
teamLab: Sketch Aquarium
Through Apr 26

Your drawing comes to life in Sketch Aquarium, an interactive digital experience by ultratechnologist art collective teamLab.

Exhibition On View
Liu Jianhua: Collected Letters
Through Dec 31
Porcelain letters and fragments of Chinese characters, suspended in midair, mingle in a silent symphony of symbols, open to interpretation and new readings.

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